Anna Jansen is a qualified and registered dance movement psychotherapist. She has been working in the mental health field for more than 15 years. Before moving to Barcelona in 2005 she worked in Holland and the United States. She works in private practice and as a lecturer and supervisor at the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona.

Anna is member of ADMTE (Asociación Española de Danza Movimiento Terapia) and NEST (Network English Speaking Therapists), when necessary other specialists e.g. a psychiatrist can be consulted.

“As a mother I know the challenges new parents face in this exciting and exhausting phase of life. As a professional I am dedicated to help people during this transition.”

Dance Movement Therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance through which a person can engage creatively in a process to further their emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration. It is founded on the principle that movement reflects an individual’s patterns of thinking and feeling. Through acknowledging and supporting clients’ movements the therapist encourages development and integration of new adaptive movement patterns together with the emotional experiences that accompany such changes. Dance Movement Psychotherapy is practised as both individual and group therapy in health, education and social service settings and in private practice.

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