BabyBluesBarcelona offers professional support for pregnant women, new parents and after pregnancy loss. Anna Jansen started BabyBluesBarcelona in order to help new parents and their children to feel comfortable in their new role and be able to enjoy each others company as much as they can.

What BabyBluesBarcelona offers:

Individuals and couples are welcome to come in for assessment and professional support. This can be through:

  • Consultation at BabyBluesBarcelona (60 minute sessions)
    * New parents can bring their baby with them if they like.

    *House consultations are possible if necessary in last month of pregnancy/first month after birth.
  • Phone consultation (25 minute sessions)
  • E-mail consultation

* Cancellation policy: Individual appointments can be canceled 48 hours in advance – half of the fee will be charged if cancelled at a shorter notice.

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